What would Patty do?
Patty's Christmas Kitchen
Spreading Love through food the same way she did in her own kitchen!
Patty Walsh Loreto
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Patty's Story

     Patty Walsh Loreto was a wonderful wife, an incredible mom, a beloved sister and sister-in-law, a deeply cherished aunt and a loyal friend to everyone—no-one was a stranger to Patty. Patty exuded love and gave it unconditionally.  She was completely selfless and despite her beauty (which she totally dismissed, making her even more beautiful) she was very humble and egoless.

      Patty was a stay at home mom (the hardest job on earth) and raised two incredible kids.  When her youngest child was a senior in high school, Patty—at the age of 45, announced that she was going back to school to become an RN.  She worked hard to accomplish her goal and became a licensed RN 3 years later. 

     Patty initially worked at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati and then moved on to Children’s Hospital to work with children with Instructional and Developmental Disabilities.  All kids just naturally gravitated to Patty, drawn by her magnetic smile and loving hugs.   After several years at Children’s Patty decided to retire and begin writing books—she was a highly gifted story and song writer (read her deeply moving poem, She Wore White and hear her song "Low Down No Good Dirty Guardian Angel) as well as a highly gifted artist and movie maker too!     

     Several years later Patty decided to go back to work as the school nurse at St. Boniface School in the community of Northside in Cincinnati - again using her God given inspirational grace, magnetic charm and contagious enthusiasm to make a positive impact on children and a huge impact on the lives of the students there. The kids at St. B absolutely loved her—actually EVERYBODY loved Patty. 

     In February of 2019 (7 months into her new role), Patty, who hadn’t been feeling quite right for years, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, stage 3C.  She fought hard for 34 months but sadly she succumbed to the disease on December 3, 2021.  Patty’s Christmas Kitchen has been created in her honor.


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