What would Patty do?
Patty's Christmas Kitchen
Spreading Love through food the same way she did in her own kitchen!
Patty Walsh Loreto
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How to Support Patty's Christmas Kitchen

     If you believe in and share PCK’s mission we welcome you to become even more involved if you are interested and have the time and inclination to do so.  Opportunities for involvement include the following but please send us your ideas too - we'll always be open to ways to better serve our fellow man in their time of need.  Here are a few ways to help PCK reach and exceed its goals:

  • Assisting in the preparation of meals…
  • Delivery of meals…
  • Helping by simply spreading the word about Patty’s Christmas Kitchen through your social media posts and conversations with friends and relatives. 
  • A financial contribution is welcomed but is certainly not required to become involved.  However please know that EVERY PENNY of all financial donations will go directly to buying the food used to prepare and deliver the meals.  All financial donors will receive a letter acknowledging their gift which will be tax deductible.  A financial report documenting any and all of PCK's incoming donations, grants and expenses will always be available as we will always operate in total transparency.  If you would like to make a financial donation you can send us a check and we will send you a receipt for your donation or you can go to PCK's Online donations page, a secure payment system that processes donations for non-profits free of charge insuring that 100% of your donation goes directly to the our mission.

     Participation and involvement in Patty Walsh Loreto’s Christmas Kitchen shall be solely and entirely staffed by inspired volunteers.  There are no paid staff members or workers.  There are no requirements for cash or any other form of contributions.  There are no requirements for the number of hours or responsibilities.  The sole requirement of all volunteers is that their involvement is predicated on the concept of pure, total and unconditional Love for their fellow man and the citizens that this organization serves. 

      The Patty Walsh Loreto’s Christmas Kitchen Volunteers shall not and will not discriminate against any prospective volunteers or the people it serves regardless of race, national origin, color, religion, gender, sex, age or sexual orientation. 

    Patty Walsh Loreto's Christmas Kitchen - a 501(c)(3) non-profit